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Good Fortune Totems

Jang-seung wood carvings are small versions of the good luck totems that were used throughout Korea to ward off evil. They were generally placed at the entrance to villages to keep spirits out. The inscription on the male figure on the left reads Cheon ha dae jang gun, (great lord under the sky), while inscription on the female figure reads Ji ha yeo jang gun, (great woman lord of the world). Read more here. They are available in three sizes. They are shipped as a set of two.

Good Fortune Totems
WFR001S Small*
(H)8.75" x 2.25" (222 x 57mm)
Price: $45.00

WFR001M Medium
(H)10.75" x 2.5" (273 x 63mm)
Price: $58.00
WFR001L Large
(H)13.25" x 2.5" (337 x 63mm)
Price: $71.00


Jang-seung or Korean Totems 장승 長承


Jang-seung (장승, 長承) are traditional Korean totems which were traditionally placed at the entrance to villages to ward off evil spirits and also to set the boundaries for different villages. The inscriptions on them are Cheon-ha-dae-jang-gun 천하대장군 天下大將軍 and Ji-ha-yeo-jang-gun 지하여장군 地下女將軍, which means great lord under the sky and great woman lord of the world.

In the past people and families prayed to them to bring good fortune to their town, friends and village. There are different types of Jang-seung throughout the different parts of Korea and they each have their own names. In the central region they are called Jang-sin 장신 or Su-sal 수살. In the South they were known as Beob-su 법수 or Beok-su 복수 and on Jeju Island they are made of stone and called Dol-ha-ru-bang 돌하르방. Though Jang-seung are no longer placed in front of towns, they can still be found in front of some small remote villages and guarding temples.